Smelly belly tv 

To check out smelly belly tv type that up on YouTube. Challenges, makeup Monday, we awnser that and more. Starring Aaday, jayla, Rory, Tara and I forgot there dad’s name . So go check them out to be a smellbelian. I LOVE SMELLY BELLY TV . And also there dog diesel Advertisements


When I was in grade 4 we had the worst gym teacher ever. MS.DOULEY😟😟😟😟😟😕😵😩🙄😡😡😫. It was hot outside so we did a warm up. She said that we could run or walk. We all decided to walk . Soon, she screamed out the word ” YOURE LAZY” to all of us when she said we … More Ms.DOULEY


Sorry I will not be blogging today.😰I have to much homework from my teacher ms. Ramsaha see ya tomorrow 


Sorry I forgot to tell you the website to go👍🏾.bye see you tomorrow