Brampton beast sleepover 🏒🏒🏒

On Friday February 19 2016 I drove to the powerade center to watch the Brampton beast play.The Brampton beast vs wheeling nailers.It was a good game . Since me and my friend Brook  got a little bored we went down to where the food is and played air hockey.Not to brag but I won all of the games.Then our moms played. My moms name is Nancy and Brooks moms name is was 2 for Brampton beast and 4 for wheeling nailers. Soon we brought all our bags upstairs where we would sleep , get popcorn and watch a movie.We put on our pj’s then, we put on the movie. We watched Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.A girl named Megan kept us up all night only 5 hours of sleep😑😡.I woke up at seven thirty. Everyone else woke up later. For breakfast we ate pancakes and juice😌. We did closing before our perents came . That is something that girls guide do when they leave. That was my Brampton beast sleepover!!!!!! Guess what I earned a badge 



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